About Yondapp

Back in 2013, a couple of us were at a music festival with a larger group of friends. Everything was fine, but on the first day we lost someone from the group (not cool). With 100,000 other festival-goers all bustling around the same space, finding our friend was easier said than done. After about four hours we were finally reunited. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it took the shine off the weekend.

We returned home from the festival and began to think about how a smartphone app would have helped us find our friend. Yondapp was born.

Jump forward three years. After lots of hard work, ups and downs, late nights, early mornings, a few too many beers and just a sprinkling of madness, we’ve just about got the app ready to launch!

Just to be clear, we’re not Google, or Facebook, or Twitter, or UBER. We’re just a small team who wanted to get a great idea off the ground, and we’re absolutely delighted to be doing just that. We think we have a great little app that our user community will love. We hope they’ll find Yondapp invaluable (and fun) when they’re out and about.

Yondapp is a map-free navigation tool. It helps you hook up with your friends and find and share new places. After all, what use is a map at a festival? Or on a beach? Or in a strange new city, when all you want to know is that your hotel / friend / bar you were in last night is 500 metres that way?

How many times have you been out and lost one of your group? How many times have you arrived in a new place and thought “so which way do we need to head?” Yondapp is the answer.

A few times we’ve been out and about and people have come up to us to ask if we know where a particular bar is, as they are meeting friends there. One girl even had a map on her phone, but she still couldn’t work out which way to go. Maps are not always the best way to navigate. Sometimes we just need the old “it’s over that way, buddy - half a mile”.

We’d like to thank you for your interest in Yondapp and we hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed developing it.

Welcome to map-free navigation. Welcome to Yondapp!