What about privacy and security?

We take your privacy very seriously. Yondapp never shows your actual position on a map, unlike some other apps.

Yondapp gives you complete control over who you decide to share your location with. Only friends you’ve approved can interact with you. Furthermore, you can simply choose to go offline completely whenever you feel like it.

We will never sell or disclose your details to any third party organisation or sell them to marketing companies without your explicit consent. We hate companies that do that with our data – not cool.

Security is always at the forefront of our minds. We have taken (and will continue to take) all reasonable measures to ensure that the systems we have in place are not susceptible to security breaches.

Why doesn’t Yondapp use maps?

Without the need to download a map, Yondapp keeps data usage to an absolute minimum and works quicker than loading up a map on your screen. This means using Yondapp can save you time and money!

We believe that orientating yourself in relation to a map can be confusing. How many times have you set off in the wrong direction when using a map? With Yondapp, all you need to do is follow the arrow on the compass screen – super simple!

What use is a map when you’re stood in a field at a festival or sporting event with thousands of people around you; or on a crowded beach or in a city you’ve never been to before? All yo u need to kn ow is: which way and h ow far. Humans have evolved to easily find their way with just a direction and distance!

Finally, it protects your privacy, as your location is never shown on a map.

Can I use Yondapp overseas?

Yes ­ you can use Yondapp whilst overseas ­ you just need data roaming enabled. In fact, Yondapp is perfect for trips overseas with your mates. Squad goal: never lose each other again! And by using the Places functionality, you can ensure you always get back to your hotel or find that great bar again!

How accurate is Yondapp?

Yondapp uses the built­in GPS receiver in your phone, the accuracy of which is dependent upon many factors. For example if you are in a built up area, accuracy may only be 10 metres. If you are in a field, accuracy will be a lot better. If you are indoors, you may not get a GPS signal at all and it is unlikely that Yondapp will work accurately. As technology evolves, we will see new features that will allow indoor navigation to work.

If the accuracy is compromised in any way – the app will display a message on the Compass screen to let you know.

When does Yondapp send out notifications?

The app will send out a notification to a friend when you want to follow them to meet up.

Will Yondapp work with Android phones?

To start with, Yondapp will only be available on iOS (Apple) phones. However, we are really keen to port Yondapp to Android phones, but to fund this work (we are only a small startup) we will soon have a Kickstarter campaign and your help would be very very welcome. Once we have the Android version, our community will be able to Yondapp with friends with either iOS or Android phones.

Managing Friends

As well as being able to add and invite Friends, you can also control how you manage your friends.

From the Friends list, you can swipe to the right on a Friend to reveal options for managing your friends. You can “favourite” friends (adds them friend to the home screen) , mute friends (prevents any notifications from being sent to you from the selected friend) or block friends (stops the selected friend from seeing how far away from them you are).

Managing Places

You can create and save Places so that you’re always able to find your way back. This is very useful when you’re in a new city and come across a cool bar or restaurant that you would like to return to. You can also share the Place with your friends so that they can find it too ­ perhaps they’re travelling to the city in the future.

From the Places list, you can swipe right on a Place and share, edit or remove the Place.